Commander pairing in Rise of Kingdom

If a player likes to fight enemies in the open field and make a big contribution as a medium to no spender in Rise of Kingdom, than Scipio with Joan of Arc secondary is a good combo. This combo is good for the open field because Scipio got a bunch of tackiness, and Joan of Arc is contributing buffs to everyone that’s nearby. This combo hangs out for a relatively long period of time in the open field. And it’s offering huge buffs from Joan of Arc to the group tremendous. The downside to this combo is that they don’t move too quickly, which means they can get caught out of the position, and when it gets out of position, it will probably get melted.

The next combo features Pelagius as the primary with either Boudica or Joan of Arc as the secondary. Boadica is also an option because she offers a sweet little debuff reducing a little attack and also the rage by 100. She is a solid debuff, and the thing that’s really nice about Pelagius is that he is a cavalry commander and gets charged talents. Charge talents make it so that when a player gets below 50%, it gets 30% faster, and this is exceptional.

Digging into the next combo in rise of kingdoms guides, it features now Joan of Arc, the primary commander. By using Joan of Arc as the primary commander affords the player some really exceptional talents for the open field. If were to bring a Joan of Arc for the open field snag the hasty departure, which gives 60 additional match speed when departing from the structure. This makes the Joan of Arc primary so exceptional in addition to the fact that when making the way up to rejuvenate, it gets some march speed. These restore a solid 150 rage ever time his skill is used, which is just crazy good.

Using Joan of Arc as the primary, there’s a number of different directions a player can go with they use as the secondary. Joan of Arc is good with Eulji Mundeok as a secondary combo because Eulji Mundeok reduces the defense of the target by 30%, which enables the high power players to do more damage.

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